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“Souche” & “Souche 2.0” through Russia

Souche et Souche 2.0 à travers la Russie


“Souche” & “Souche 2.0” by Anne-Sophie Emard across Russia with Gabriel Soucheyre, director of VIDEOFORMES, and the French Institute of Russia

Workinprogress video sculpture

From October 24 to November 13, 2021 | Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, Pskov and Ufa

This installation is a work-in-progress video sculpture that is enriched with new images at each stage of its journey. « Souche » retains the traces of his previous explorations to which will be combined new images dedicated to its journey through Russia. The work is nourished by each new exhibition on the principle of a memory that grows over time, like a library of nomadic memory. « Souche » questions what we carry with us from our past and the reaction of this memory through contact with these new territories.

Each stage of this journey of Anne-Sophie Emard and Gabriel Soucheyre, customary of nomadic residences, come along with “exchanges between artist and curator”, a series of improvised dialogues around the artist’s work and career.

Details of the steps:
– 27 oct. in Yekaterinburg
– 30 oct. in Rostov-on-Don
– 04 nov. in Saratov
– 08 nov. in Pskov
– 12 nov. to Ufa