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Les jours de Lumière


10th edition


September 2017, 22 > 24
Saint-Saturnin (Puy-de-Dôme)

Exhibitions – Conferences – Spectacles – Artist Encounters

Alain Bourges – Esquisses tauromachiques 4
2014 | France | Color | Stereo | 9’16
Bullfights’ fragments.

Carol Brandon – One and free chair
2003 | France | 2’52
Superimpositions of videopictures from different point of view of a chair. Every picture is created with computer and retouching.+ The simulated movement of the camera around the chair, the music and the presence of the body (in his absence)…give a sensation of dance!+ And the spectator enter in the flesh of the electronic images.

Olivier Campagne, Vivien Balzi – 5:46 am
2011 | France | Color | Stéréo | 3’45
A selection of different public spaces in Paris, 1 meter underwater, offering a surrealist and serene view of the city.

Momoko Seto – Planet ∑
2014 | France | Color | Stéréo | 11’50
In ‘Planet ∑’, giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. Submarine explosions provoke a global warning, and a new life begins for animals.

Gareth Walsh – Rhombus
2014 | Color | Stereo | 2’54
Infinite seascape.


The digital allows artists to repaint and draw the world freely but with capacities never reached before: all the fantasies and spiritual images are achievable, a real world is developing. Imagine Paris on a lake or draw the grace of bullfight actors, give rhythm to an object as banal as a chair, reframe the world: this is how the chosen pieces above illustrate or echo the transparencies of “Les jours de lumière”.

For more information, you can visit the festival website ‘Les jours de lumière’