VIDEOBAR #64 : « Le Mur – Portrait d’une mémoire »


« Le Mur – Portrait d’une mémoire »
by Christelle Guillet

 Video/audio installation, drawings

Thursday, Octobre 18th 2018 | 18h30 > 20h
Free access

Chapelle de l’Oratoire
14 rue de l’Oratoire, Clermont-Fd

“Project on a surface of drawings executed quickly. Two figures come to life on a large hanging canvas and  an already painted wall.

A jig played on the violin “The walls of Liscarroll”, which would be a priori the legacy of the Battle of Liscarrol  (Rebel County of Cork Ireland, 17th century) a fortress in ruins today whose translated melody was a likely  portrait . The installation challenges the trace and the memory of the canvas, the traditional media of the image  revisited. ” Christelle Guillet works with painting, drawing and photography as a researcher who likes to play with the paradoxes of time and techniques.

She exhibits portraits and bodies delivered in their posture.

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Octobre 18th 2018 | 18h30 > 20h
Galerie de l’Art du Temps – Chapelle de l’Oratoire
Free access

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